February 2023 release; updates

20230203 Added link to Orbis Cascade Normalisation Rules standing group
20230203 Look at others’ CSS or js with Chrome Inspect
20230203 CSS – Checkbox instead of slider for user controls
20230203 Added to Normalization rule examples, as a comment: hide a field with a certain text in a subfield
20230203 Welcome Nancy Babb
20230203 Added For consortia: hide all request services within the “other libraries” section
20230203 Added link to carli.illinois.edu/products-services/i-share/alma-primo-ve-known-issues

20230126 Add a label to the chevron button after an advanced search; relevant for the February 2023 release, as not activating barcode search is not enough to keep the UX as it was (for details see the mailing list)
Update 2.6.2023: see https://www.orbiscascade.org/programs/systems/pcsg/primo-ve-toolkit/advanced-search-chevron for CSS to hide the labels on mobile.

20230118 Replacing the QR icon
20230110 Banner at the top of each page, including a link
20230110 Added: Newly set Display logic rules for online portfolios have no effect, since at least 7.11.2022
20230110 Welcome Sharon Clapp, Stefan Kandera

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