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A&IAbstract and indexing
ACTLAuthority Control Task List
AFNAutomated Fulfillment Network
Alma-D, -E, -PAlma Digital, Electronic, Print
AOBAny other business = ‘Varia’
APIApplication Program Interface
CDCirculation desk
CDICentral Discovery Index
CDLControlled Digital Lending
CKB       Central Knowledge Base
CLCataloger level
CoPCommunities of Practice
CPCentral customization package
CSLCitation style language
CSSCascading style sheets
CTACall to action (buttons on a web page)
CTOContext object
CUGCustomized User Groups (IGeLU)
CVSControlled Vocabulary Service
CWGContent Working Group
CZCommunity Zone

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DACHELADeutschsprachige Ex Libris Anwender; Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz
DAMSDigital asset management system
DC, dcDublin Core
DDDocument delivery
DDCDewey Decimal Classification
DEIDiversity, Equity and Inclusion
DKIMDomainKeys Identified Mail, email authentication method
DLRDisplay logic rule
DOAJ    Directory of Open Access Journals
DOIDigital object identifier
DSData source
DUXDiversity and user experience
eaearly adopters
EDIElectronic data interchange
ELUNAEx Libris Users of North America
EODEmbedded order data
ERExternal resources
Enhancement request
ERMElectronic records management
ERPEnterprise resource planning system such as PeopleSoft
ETAEstimated time of arrival
ETLExtract, transform, and load
ExLEx Libris
F2FFace to face
FLFulfillment [USA], fulfilment [GB]
FRBRFunctional Requirements for Bibliographic Records.
= “n versions found” in the short title list
FTfull text
FTPFile transfer protocol
FUFulfillment unit
FYFiscal year

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GESGeneral Electronic Service
GKDGlobal Knowledge Delivery
GNDGemeinsame Normdatei, German integrated authority file
GTIGlobal title index of all Rapido customers
H1, H2First and second half of a year
HEHigher education
HEIHigher Education Institution
HEPHigher Education Platform
IEIdea exchange
IGeLUInternational Group of Ex Libris Users
IIIFInternational Image Interoperability Framework
(spoken as ‘triple-I-eff’)
ILLInter library loan
ILSIntegrated Library System
IMG, IM Group, ING, af groupInventory Management Group, also called ‘available for group’ or ‘inventory network group’
IRInstitutional repository
IUGInnovative User Group
IZInstitution Zone

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JITJust in time
KB, kbEx Libris knowledge base
LBHLink BIB headings
LCCLibrary of Congress Classification
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol (patron management)
LHSLeft hand side
LISLibrary and information science / studies
LMSLearning management system
Library management system
LODLinked Open Data
LRLink resolver
LSP Library services platform

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MDE, MD editor, MEMetadata editor
MLMailing list
MMS IDMetadata management system ID = record ID number
MTMaterial type
NANorth America
NERSNew Enhancements Request System – the way for IGeLU members to submit their enhancement requirements to Ex Libris
NRNormalization Rule
NZNetwork Zone
OAOpen acccess
OAIOpen archive initiative
OAISOpen Archival Information System
OASOracle Analytics Server
OCLCOnline Computer Library Center
OCROptical character recognition
ODFOpen Discovery Framework
OEROpen Educational Resource/s
OLHOnline help
OOTB, OTBOut of the box
OPLOne person library

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p2ePhysical to Electronic; electronic resource handling in Alma migration
PBOPrimo Back Office
PCIPrimo Central Index, has been replaced by CDI
PDAPatron driven acquisition
PDSPatron directory service
PNXPrimo Normalized XML
“used by the Primo UI, but not for the Primo VE search engine” [source]
PMProduct management, Product manager
PO, POLPurchase order, Purchase order line
POCProof of concept
PRPurchase request
PS, psbPremium Sandbox
PSAPublic Service Announcement
PTCPreferred Term Correction
PWGPrimo Working Group (IGeLU, ELUNA)
Product Working Group (IGeLU, ELUNA)
PZProvider Zone
Q1-Q4First to fourth quarter of a year
R&DResearch and development
RCARoot cause analysis
RHSRight hand side
RMRessource management
RNRelease notes
ROIReturn of investment
RS, RSLResource sharing, Resource sharing library
RTAReal time availability / Real time acquisition
RTFRich text format

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SaaSSoftware as a service
SAMLSecurity Assertion Markup Language (patron user authentification)
SCSteering Committee (IGeLU)
SCFShared Collection Facility
SDKAlma Software Development Kit
SEOSearch engine optimization
SF, SFCSalesforce, Salesforce Case: Ex Libris’ support portal / ticketing system before ProQuest
SGStanding group
SIGELUNA Special Interest Group
SISStudent information system (external user database)
SIWGSpecial Interest Working Group
SLAService Level Agreement
SPOCSingle point of access (f.ex. in communications)
SRUSearch/retrieve via URL
SUService unit
tbato be announced
tbcto be confirmed
T&CTerms and conditions
TCTotal care
TDFGTraining and Documentation Focus Group
TOCTable of contents
TOUTerms of use
UIUser interface
UMUser management
UQUniversity of Queensland
URMUnified resource management
UXUser experience

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VE(in Primo VE) – “The VE suffix has no meaning
VLEVirtual learning environment
VPVice president
WGProduct Working Groups (IGeLU, ELUNA)

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