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Is there a short version? / Updates

I can only talk for Primo VE. These are the changes that I think have the most effect:

Make call number more visible (example):

prm-location-items span[ng-if=”$ctrl.currLoc.location.callNumber”] {
color: #6829ff !important;
font-size: 1.3em;
margin-left: 5px;

Change the display of the facets: font not bold, show both icons.

Show that there’s a pulldown menu for the search slots before starting a search

Automatically start search after change of search slot

Set focus on search box (unfortunately broken for Mac at the moment)

Use NOT_DEFINED to hide labels that are no help for the patrons

Manu Schwendener


20230109 Wrong display of Exclude facet icon on laptops
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20230109 “You could use the API”
20230109 Look at others’ CSS and js
20230106 Welcome Anna Couthures-Idrizi and Jeff Peterson

You can check the changelog for updates that haven’t been mentioned in a blog post yet.