Known bugs

This page is only necessary until we get access to all institutions’ published support cases again.

SF… = Salesforce case; PQ… = ProQuest case

See also
Ex Libris: Known issues related to the 2023 releases PrimoPrimo VE
CARLI: Alma / Primo VE nown issues

  1. Search
  2. Facets
  3. Short title display
  4. Full title display
  5. Placing a borrowing or copying request
  6. Patron account
  7. Others
  8. Won’t get fixed
  • ‘Set focus on search box’ has stopped working for Mac, latest Sept. 2022 (PQ06520832)
  • After a first search, you can’t scroll without clicking on the page first.
    (SF00986246, SF00983102 “Currently, there is no scheduled release date for a fix yet”); this also came up in patron tests
  • New since February 2022: search (and facet) for local fields only finds titles from the IZ, also if the search profile is “the whole NZ”. This is a regression (PQ6311969)
    Last update from Ex Libris May 2022 “our development team is working on this issue and we’re in the process of scheduling it”
  • « » don’t work for phrase search, “ ” and „ “ only work for CDI (and only for some languages in CDI), not for local titles. Only “” work correctly. idea exchange
    Workaround for iPhone: Settings > General > Keyboard > turn off Smart Punctuation


Short title display

  • Wrong OTB and should get fixed for all Primo VE customers:
    year2 is missing from the display rule for field 008, see comments on (PQ6372716)
  • planned for probably April 2023: FRBR groups should only contain titles that fit the search criteria, similar to this idea exchange (PQ06359614)
  • Primo VE, when using ‘FRBR display …Preferred’ & ‘Sort FRBR … newest’, the newest edition is not the one shown in the short title list. Details in idea exchange

Full title display

  • Multivolume works: show enumeration and sort the volumes accordingly.
    Better than it was, but still not as it should be, idea exchange (closed) -> idea exchange
    (SF00934664, SF06287227)
  • Analytica can’t be displayed correctly without making a mess of the display of normal titles; idea exchange
    This also messes up the display of ‘Available at’. It shows information to our patrons that is not true. The message is: you can’t trust what you see in the catalog.
    Example > ‘Available at … and other locations’. No: only one library has this title in print.
    The patrons learn: you can’t trust what you see in the catalog.
  • ’28 days loan’ etc. can’t be translated to other languages; you only see that once you’re logged in. (SF00880698), idea exchange
  • New Display Logic Rules have no effect; PQ case exists, number unknown.

Placing a borrowing or copying request

  • Page numbers for copy request need to allow letters; idea exchange

Patron account

  • Display not fully responsive (PQ06625784)


  • Favicon being in the /img/ folder prevents it from working correctly as a bookmark in Firefox; idea exchange
  • CDI year filter bug in advanced search; idea exchange

Won’t get fixed

  • Advanced search – only show ‘starts with’ where it can be used; idea exchange (ExL added a tooltip)