SF… = Salesforce case; PQ… = ProQuest case

  1. General
  2. Main menu
  3. Search
  4. Facets
  5. Short title display
  6. Full title display
  7. Placing a borrowing or copying request
  8. Patron account
  9. Favorites
  10. Collection discovery
  11. Others



Short title display

Full title display

  • Show item policy, idea exchange; planned
  • Physical items sort routine by date – enable I J K descending, but A B C ascending, idea exchange
  • Collapse long elements, with a ‘show more’ link, idea exchange
  • Extend the limit on the Summary Holdings Display to more than 10 holdings, idea exchange
  • Allow HTML in public notes, including URLs, primo idea exchange, alma idea exchange; paritiy issue (SF00957376)
  • ‘Show all’ for long lists of items; idea exchange
  • Sending a title per email should generate a confirmation message, idea exchange
  • Sending a title per email should only be possible when logged in, idea exchange, or only be possible by filling a sender field, idea exchange
  • It should be possible to show the link to the source record at another position than the links that are relevant for the patrons, idea exchange
  • Ability to use norm rules to specify which 856 (Marc) fields display in Links service, idea exchange – parity issue, under review
  • Option to move send-to section, idea exchange

Placing a borrowing or copying request

  • Patrons should be allowed to order specific item, idea exchange
  • Better UX for placing requests; NERS 7697, should be possible by autumn 2023
    – It’s not obvious enough that when something is in open stacks the patrons can not place an online request (to the owning library), but they can go fetch the book themselves.
    – home delivery should be clearly distinguished from pickup libraries, idea exchange
  • It should not be possible to place a digitization request on a book that is on loan, idea exchange
  • Digitisation requests should get priority over hold requests, idea exchange

Patron account

  • Remember the pickup library I last used, idea exchange
  • Show all active loans on one page, idea exchange NERS 7896, under review
  • ‘Has activity’ should be default setting, idea exchange
  • Hide due time hour and minutes, idea exchange – ‘accepted; we will add this to the long-term roadmap’
  • Signed in user should be able to set their preferred search profile, idea exchange


Collection discovery


  • Version comparison for documentation pages, idea exchange
  • Customizable error page / redirect if view/URL does not exist, idea exchange